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About Zawood

扎根於澳門超過10年的木頭小店,以環保的理念為客人提供優質的 訂造服務,包括實木家具,創意家品,希望將傳統工藝以創新的思維 方式傳送出去。 經過多年的經驗之後,我們還提供木工課程教授服務,並以創新的設 計概念教學方式,吸引年輕人對木藝的興趣,培養下一代對工藝的追 求。 宅木雍有一體化的木製服務,由教學、生產、銷售、保養維修等都做到 ,是澳門唯一一家木頭小店。


We are a wooden shop rooted in Macau for over 10 years. With an eco-friendly philosophy, we provide high-quality custom-made services to our customers, including solid wood furniture and creative home products. Our goal is to transmit traditional craftsmanship through innovative thinking. After years of experience, we also offer woodworking courses to teach and inspire young people's interest in woodworking. We use innovative design concepts as teaching methods to cultivate the next generation's pursuit of craftsmanship. Zawood provides integrated wooden services, including teaching, production, sales, and maintenance and repairs. We are the only wooden shop in Macau

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